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The Mission:

Educators Rising cultivates highly skilled educators by guiding young people on a path to becoming accomplished teachers, beginning in high school and extending through college and into the profession. 

Overview of Educators Rising:

Educators Rising is a national membership organization for aspiring teachers and their mentors. If you are leading or participating in a school-based program that helps young people explore teaching — in secondary or postsecondary — consider joining Educators Rising to connect with peers and experts around the country who are focusing on the same issues and challenges.

Fast Facts about Educators Rising:

Educators Rising is a permanent member of the National Coordinating Council of Career and Technical Student Organizations (NCC-CTSO). As a CTSO, Educators Rising offers resources and opportunities that integrate directly into the academic programs of “teacher academy” career and technical education courses at the high school level. You can still sign up to join Educators Rising even if your program is not part of career and technical education.


More than 2,400 schools have joined our free national network. More than 35,000 students have signed up as rising educators, and 51% of our student membership is comprised of students of color. 23 states and regions have become official Educators Rising affiliates. (Students and teacher leaders outside these 23 affiliates are still enthusiastically welcome to join!)

What We Offer:

EdRising Academy curriculum*

“Beginning to Teach” micro-credentials*

EdRising Virtual Campus Standards for rising educators

National conference



There’s Power in Teaching:

Starting in high school, Educators Rising provides passionate young people with hands-on teaching experience, sustains their interest in the profession, and helps them cultivate the skills they need to be successful educators.