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Teacher Preparation

Kylie Brownfield

Phone: 417-345-1460


Bachelor of Science in English Education, Missouri State University

Master in Education, Southwest Baptist University

Course Description 

The Teacher Education Preparation program is designed for students considering a career in the field of elementary, middle, or high school education or as a corporate educator. This course is offered to juniors or seniors as a one-year program in which there will be a combination of rigorous classroom instruction accompanied by intense student teaching experiences. This course will follow guidelines established by the Career Pathways for the Teaching Profession as outlined by DESE originating in the Family and Consumer Science cluster. Students will have opportunities for cadet teaching and can earn A+ tutoring hours. Students must demonstrate good moral character, good work habits, responsibility, organization, and integrity. A high level of work is expected of students enrolled in the Teacher Prep program and students will be expected to act like professionals at all times. Students will be required to participate in the Educators Rising student organization.

Course Objectives

Students enrolled in the Teacher Preparation course at DCTC will be able to:

  • Apply oral and written communication skill to create, express, and interpret information and ideas, including technical terminology and information
  • Identify and evaluate characteristics and responsibilities of effective teachers
  • Recognize and demonstrate effective management of diversity in the classroom
  • Explain and analyze the influence of historical, philosophical, and sociological roles and the impact on today’s education system
  • Identify and assess the impact of educational policy, school law, and legal reforms on American education
  • Explain the governing and financing of public and private educational systems
  • Identify, design, and implement lesson planning and teaching strategies that affect student achievement
  •  Examine and apply techniques for assessing student learning
  • Examine teaching and training professions as a career
  • Exhibit professionalism in an educational setting

Dual Credit


ELE 302  Introduction to the Elementary School (for students interested in teaching grades 1-6)

ECE 304  Introduction to Early Childhood Education (for students interested in teaching PreK-3rd grade)

SEC 302  General Methods of Instruction for Middle and Secondary Education (for students interested in teaching high school)

SFD 160  Principles of Early Child Development


EDU 2113  Educational Psychology

EDU 2313 Foundations of Education 


EDU 225 Educational Technology

Related Occupations

Right out of high school, students can work as teacher assistants in a preschool and as a paraprofessional after passing an exam. After 60 college hours, students can work as a substitute teacher and a preschool teachers. After a bachelor degree, students can work as a teacher. With additional education (masters, specialist, doctorate) and experience, students can be a(n) counselor, administrator, athletic director, or superintendent. There is an 8% growth rate for teaching jobs across the nation.

Related Occupations:

Substitute Teacher 


Child Care Provider

Preschool Teacher

Speech and Language Pathologist

Instructional Coach

Instructional Technology

Coach Reading Specialist Curriculum

Specialist Paraprofessional


Public School Teacher Missouri: $51,720 National: $60,830

Preschool Teacher Missouri: $27,360 National: $33,590